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Superbowl Commercials


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Several of these commercials really pushed the limits - but where incredibly funny.


The Telefloral where the guy is trying to write his thought on the card (with Faith Hill - I think - just coaching him to write what was in his heart) ... classic.


Beaver karma from Bridgestone. Pretty good.


Bud Light commercials were so so.



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Record the game then start watching the recorded version around half time then skip thru all the commericials and the half time show.


Good game. First I was for the Packers then in the 4th quarter I was for the Steelers to tighten up the game. I was acturally hoping the Steelers would have tied it up then in OT for the Packers to win it. I prefer a nail splitter of a game.

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Was good to see car companies being fun again.


My favorite was the Chevy truck ad with the truck being Lassie. Funnnnneeeee!


Second was the VW darth Vader commercial. Well done. The Chevy ad worked better from the standpoint of selling the product, the truck was in most shots, and did heroic things, and there was NO WAY you could miss who the ad was for, or easily forget it.


The VW ad was less effective in that the car wasn't featured till the very end, so you have most of the commercial thinking about buying a STAR Wars movie, and if you miss the VW badge on the car, you can forget entirely who the ad is for. still I love it from a storytelling standpoint, just not from an advertising standpoint.


Like the Herding cats commercial a few years ago. Who remembers who that was for? Great writing, idea etc, but BAD for the advertiser, no brand identity. Most super bowl commercials fail on the brand identity level. That is why the Chevy truck as Lassie was so great.


Yes, I created and sold advertising for most of my working career.:grandpa:

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