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Downloadable Calendar?


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If not, open the calendar, center it on your screen, then hit "printscreen"(PrtScn). Then open up Paint and click paste. Then, you can save it as an image.


I think you can also print it by right clicking on it and selecting print.

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OK folks, I am so sorry that I forgot about this. I know it was requested 3 months ago.


I managed to come up with a solution that I HOPE works for you. If you click on the search link in the upper menu bar, you will see a new entry that says "Search Calendar". You don't have to put anything in the search box, just click "Go". That will take you to a page where you can select particular months, ranges, all events, etc. Do your search and then you'll see an option to save the results as an icalendar or a .pdf file.


Hope this works out for everybody.

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