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Anyone Try To Remove The Trunk on the 2018+ Ventures?

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Hello all, I've been going back and fourth on which version of this bike to buy. I mostly solo ride which makes the Eluder more of what I am looking for. However, the Venture does have some cool features that would be great on the Eluder. Secondly, my SO does like to ride on the back sometimes and may be interested in longer rides if the bike accommodated passengers like the Venture does. The ultimate setup in my opinion would be to have the Venture, and make the trunk removable for the times you don't need it. I know the Venture's trunk is not designed to come off, but was curious if anyone has looked at the way it's mounted on the bike and if it would be possible to remove, and perhaps set it up to have some quick release wire connections and perhaps add a bracket to make it more easily removable. If I could buy a Venture and basically set it up as an Eluder for most of the time, while having the option for a super comfortable 2-up with more storage, That would help me make the decision between the two bikes. I like the extra features the Venture has like the adjustable windscreen, the reverse gear, and having those on an Eluder would be awesome, so this is my idea of modding the perfect bike for my needs.

If anyone has thought about trying this or looked into it on their bike and could break down the feasibility of the mod that would be great. I understand if it's not likely to be doable, but I'm pretty confident working on bikes in the past and wouldn't be afraid to tear into it if it seems like a possible modification.

Ride Safe!



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