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2005 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe

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Hi my name is Jonathan And I'm trying to just remove my stock exhaust baffles.

They have two bolts on the side and look easy to remove, the reason I ham hear is because I am getting my carbs rebuilt and thing I need to jet them to the right specs like the mechanic says.

I have read that there no needed to be done just sinked together but I'm not sure.

Everything on the bike is stock and I just wanna do everything.

It is duel pipes since it is a 4 cylinder 

So I'm looking for the base line jetting for straight pipes for the bike 



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Removing the buffles is not just a simple remove the screws and pull them out process.  There is actually not a real good way to do it.  Here is a pictures of the inside of the mufflers.  Most everything is welded.  You would be much better off to just leave them alone and buy a set of Harley mufflers.  A lot of people do that.





RSV Mufflers.png

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As for the jets.  It's hard to give you a answer to that one.  I think it basically just takes a lot of experimenting and I've never wished to do that.  Here is a write up that I did years ago from information provided by another member.


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You can usually pick up a pair of OEM Harley mufflers (with no cat) for about $50 or less. Some have said local HD shops will almost give them away. For me, I didnt mind them around town, but on the long highway trips they were to loud for me.

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