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Moved the trunk back


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I've always move the trunks back on my RSVs.  It is easy on a standard bike but a little more difficult on the trike.  As those of you who have done it already know,  the rear holes don't have the nuts welded on the bottom like the forward holes do.  No problem on the bike because you just reach under the rack and add nuts.  On the trikes you can't get to the bottom of the rack to do that.

So, I wanted to move the trunk back one the trike.  I ended up pulling the trunk off, drilling out the rear holes, and adding well nuts.  Actually didn't have to pull it all the way off.  Just removed the 6 bolts and folded it forward.  Didn't disconnect any wiring.  Worked great.  The trunk sits down into a recess in the trike body and it's a tight fit but it does just barely work. 

Here's a couple of pictures that might help.  One is of the well nut that I used.  The other shows the holes drilled out, just under 1/2" for the particular nuts.  You can see that I had already installed the well nut on the right rear.




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1 hour ago, Marcarl said:

Wish I could it looks good, but I don't see the finished product.

Well, I could post a picture but you likely wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  It only moves the trunk back about an inch.  Not really noticeable.

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