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Knee wind deflectors

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A while back, one of our members made some black plastic wing deflectors to velcro to the underside of the 2nd gens lower fairing. The idea here was to deflect winds and rain from hitting the knees.

Made a mistake today after my morning breakfast ride... Was digging through a box in the garage and came across those deflectors! Forgot I had them.

Problem: they don't seem to fit perfectly anywhere on top of the lower fairing. I understand how they should fit.... But the underside of the top of the fairing isn't the same contour as the deflector. 

Anyone have pictures of where they are supposed to fit?

My guess is it's a compromise. But I would like to get closer to where they were designed to fit...?

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I have an 08 RSV, not sure if it's the same but mine go on the lower cowl from the underside. i have a picture but not sure how to put it on here. if your interested email me at hotx2.dc@gmail.com and I'll send it to you.

Dave C

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Posted (edited)

Thanks again Dave for your pictures!

Update..... Well...I simply don't see any difference yet in lower wind turbulence since I mounted the wind deflectors. I'll probably have to wait to see if my knees still get wet in the rain. That is..? If it ever rains again in Arizona!!



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