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Gotta give thanks


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As we all know, this group of misfits has some amazing members and I need to take a few minutes to thank 2 of them.

Big thanks to Videoarizona - David for paying it forward with a Utopia backrest. I installed it today and can't wait to go riding. I will be paying it forward in another thread with the backrest that I took off the bike.

Big thanks to M61A1Mech - Steve for the rear light bar. I installed it today, and the quality of the work and all the plug and play connections made it simple enough that even an electrically challenged dummy like me installed it.....and it works!

Thank you very much gentleman. Attached 

Sorry for the pics...they appeared the right way when I loaded them.

New light bar.jpg

Utopia backrest up.jpg

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I know I'm late with this but attached is what I gleaned off the Utopia site. I also have one that I need to adjust reward as it is too close to my back and after a while creates a pressure point. Hope this helps others that might want to install this backrest,


venture frt&inst.jpg


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