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Hello from Massachusetts

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Hey everyone, new member here and as of this past Saturday im the new owner of a 1996 yamaha royal star.  Had always seen these but never payed much attention to them.  Also wasn't actively seeking out a royal star.  I buy and sell motorcycles for income right now and this royal star was the most recent find.  Bike is in amazing condition with 16.5k miles and bought from the original owner.  I also own a 2000 yamaha road star 1600 that I acquired a few weeks back also from the original owner and that bike is immaculate.  

Back to the royal star lol.  I wasnt aware it had the vmax motor of course not as brutal.  Ive owned a 1985 yamaha vmax and damn that thing was a blast.  This bike scoots pretty good for how heavy it is.  Will need some tuning up from lack of use over the previous few years, I did manage to ride it home from an hour away.  Luckily mostly highway, its not liking to come off idle at the moment making take offs tricky. 

Ill post more about that in the proper section.  Bike was bought to resell as long as I dont end up to deep in it.  Would love to get it running better and really get to experience the fun before it goes.  First picture is when I made it home.  Removed the bags and a few bits to be able to clean the bike.  Has a lot of extras and all stock parts included as well.  Unsure of exhaust brand but sounds great even with the baffles in and not running perfect.  Second picture was taken today after I did some detailing.  Still some polishing to go but had to roll it outside and see how nice it was comming along.  



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