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Oil is leaking from my Stator Area

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Changed stator on Monday it’s sealed tight but the oil is leaking from up high from the rubber boot it has a hole in it boot with 2 wire but it has 3 holes is that normal.

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My new aftermarket Caltric stator came with a not so perfect rubber grommet around the wires exiting the stator cavity. While did use the normal ATV gasket sealant on its contact areas along the cases I sealed its exterior areas real well with my favorite sealant = E6000 as this product has proven itself VERY worthy for MANY applications..  Simply cleaning the area real well with brake/carb cleaner the cover the area, including around the wires, and then coating with E6000 resulted in, once again, an oil drip free stator area... Worked for me,, maybe give it try? 

Here's the stuff:


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