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A Ride to Woodstock

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To celebrate 50 years of Woodstock, I took a ride up to the site (Bethel, NY) last week. Not only is the place historical, they really have done well by adding the museum and center for the arts facility. Combine that with the great roads up that way and you can really put together a great day of riding. Here's a little Woodstock tribute video I made of that day.




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Didn't make to Woodstock the US government signed me up

In this organization called the Army. Kinda missed out on a few things for a couple years there. Don't really regret being apart of their organization called the Army. Learned some good camping and hunting skills that I fall back on from time to time. Did miss out on some of that free love that was going on during that era though. Just wish 58,000 others were here with me.:confused24:

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