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metric conversions

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pounds to kilograms x.4536

kilograms to pounds x2.2046


u.s. tons to metric tonnes x.9071

metric tonnes to u.s. tons x1.1023


gallons to litres x4.5461

litres to gallons x.22


miles to kilometres x1.6093

kilometres to miles x.6214


fahrenheit to celcius > to convert a fahrenheit temp to celsius,

first subtract 32 from the fahrenheit temperature, then multiply the number by five-ninths x.555 to get celsius.


celcius to fahrenheit > to convert celsius temp in fahrenheit,

first multiply the celsius temperature reading by nine-fiths x1.8 then add 32 to get fahrenheit.




hope this helps. was not sure where to post it.

if its in the wrong place please move to the right spot!

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I have a really nice and easy to use file that is a "EXE" file. The size is approx 500 kb. It has just every metric conversion in it.


Was not sure how to load it on the site but is anyone wanted a copy send me a PM. I will email it to you.



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