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  1. Tried the modification and ended up with 6, 1/2 holes. Like the sound and mostly makes the whining noise fade into a softer backround noise. I have actually been riding without the radio for a change (Don't have to blast out the whining noise). Thanks for all the input. Be safe and have a great day.
  2. Evening Everybody: New to the group and have owned my 2008 venture for a year or so and put about 12000 miles on it. I have the Whine coming from the clutch basket. It is not real bad and I was thinking about modifing the the stock exhaust system by removing the cone from the end of the exhaust and putting some holes in the last baffle. Has anybody done this or heard of the results of doing this. IE: gas mileage, engine performance ect....The hope is to make the pipes loader so I can't hear the whining from the clutch. Any information would be really appreciated. Thanks
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