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  1. I currently use Rever, and it's a great app. You can run the route you want and save it for next time, share with friends, and pretty easily create your own rides. It also connects to databases of rides, and shows them right on the map. You can also set preferences like skipping highways, tolls, or set the preference for off-road and twistys as well. Pete
  2. You are correct, I read the wrong post before my thanks. Thank you Saddlebum! Pete
  3. To all, Many thanks for all of your help and suggestions! It did turn out to be the main fuse. The blade was broken, but luckily there were two spares inside. Once I replaced that, and the battery (I needed a new one anyway), all the lights came on, and they was able to crank it over. I put the choke on, and even with the nasty old gas that was in the tank, it started up and ran. I haven't gone thrpugh the bike and changed all the fluids yet, so I didn't want to let it run too long...and it was also then that I noticed a ton of gas pouring out of the carbs. No big deal there, I am going to rebuild the carbs anyway. I'm excited though, because this brings me a lot closer than getting her back on the road. Again, thanks for all the help, especially Pasta Burner. More to come soon. Pete
  4. Thanks for the info all, I'll dig around for that fuse and see if I can locate it. I'll let you all know what the result is. Pete
  5. Yeah, at the time I was a little afraid of the nuts, due to the amount of corrosion I had in that Radian. The tank was seeming a little thin in spots. Good tip on the vinegar though....I might try that this go around.
  6. I'm going to be doing this soon on the 86 Venture Royale I picked up. I used to have an old Radian with a rusted tank. I pulled that tank, pulled the petcock and sealed up all the holes. Then I filled the tank with BBs and a little clean gas, and just shook the bejesus out of it. Basically it turned a tank that looked a lot like yours into a clean and shiny tank again. It was loud, but it definitely did the trick.
  7. Yeah, I did check that one too. No screw mount on mine, it's inside a rubber connector. I also made sure that I made the connection properly, since it's a little uncertain. Thank you for the thought though.
  8. Hello all! New Venture rider here....just picked up an 86 venture Royale that needs a little work, but one that I'm happy to bring back to life. Hope all are well! Pete
  9. To all, I just picked up a new to me 1986 Venture Royale, with 50k on the clock. I've gotten her home, and started to get her going. Problem is, when the ingintion is turned on, I get no power to anything. Here's what I've done: 1. Got battery kicking again - Battery was pretty dry. I'm going to replace it anyway, but the cells were dry to I topped them off with distilled water, and charged it over night. Getting 12.5V across the battery, which should be enough to at least turn on some lights. 2. Checked all fuses, and even check led the continuity across the fuses. All good. 3. Checked continuity on the proper wires from the main switch with the switch in ACC and ON, and am getting the expected continuity. 4. Checked the connections to the main switch for corrosion and just making sure they're all connected. All good. I'm fairly stumped at this point. It seems that so many of the wires go into the computer module after that, and now I'm thinking I might have a bad computer. Does anyone have any thoughts? The bike itself is in great shape, but it's sat for a while. I'm going to bleed all the brakes, clutch, rebuild carbs, and clean the fuel tank. She's never been down, except a tip over while parked that cracked some fairing plastics, but otherwise, it was well taken care of before being parked for about 7 years, with the occasional start. Any help you all can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pete
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