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  2. when you ultrasonically clean your carbs make sure you blow them thru with compressed air as water is apparantly not combustible .DOH
  3. CIMMER. done what you suggested and observing the piston and needle it appears to be spitting back thru the front right carb so im gonna take them back off and inspect again . any suggestions before hand ?. cheers Rick
  4. im in dire need of a flag for my aerial . where to look
  5. thanks blue sky , but ive replaced the coils, leads, plugs and caps incase of breakdown under load and still the same as before.cheers Mog
  6. hi guys . ive recently aquired a 1200 venture royale 1985 imported from the US{im in the UK] i have a problem with one cylinder not firing , but it fires on the choke then imeadiatly drops the cylinder as if running out of fuel on the idle side of the carb , could it be the float level. the carbs have been off and ultrasonically cleaned cheers Mog
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