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  1. Added a basic radio today and upgraded the speakers to some JBL's. Nothing fancy but works better than the factory did at this point. Now to decide how to maybe get a little bigger speakers or something in the back.
  2. Now just have to get some mufflers/exhaust. Currently doesn't have the slip ons
  3. Update: Installed the new CDI from Ignatech today. Fired right up! No choke, no throttle, just pushed the start button and instant purr.
  4. Update: Well checked and cleaned connections on CDI unit and still no spark on front two cyclinders. I went ahead an ordered the Ignitech CDI and should arrive next Wednesday. Until then I'll do a little more cleaning and see who in my area can recover a seat. Thanks for all the advice so far!
  5. Currently there's no spark at any point on the front two cylinders. Back two fire and back will run and drive with those two.
  6. Update: We checked the spark yesterday, but only on cylinder 1 and it was good. I did change the battery for a little better one today and got it to crank. Ran it for a little bit and noticed it wasn't running quite right. Got to checking and there's no fire on the front two cyclinders. We checked the ohms on the pick ups coils and they tested fine. So I believe it's the CDI unit as everything else appears connected and in working order. So that being said is there anything else I should check or is it time to replace the CDI? Thanks
  7. 85 Yamaha Ventue, 49998k miles, just bought. New battery, fully charged, new starter. Started up,ideled 15 minutes, took down the road. Died and hasn't started since. Changed plugs, backfires actually, but nevers starts. Is this a CDI issue or a Stator issue or something simple?.....
  8. I'm sure this is way old, but thought I'd check. Just got a winter project 85 Yamaha Venture
  9. First bike in 20 years. Just purchased last night and currently charging the battery to see how she runs. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and I appreciate all the knowledge already here.
  10. Thanks for the welcome. Just purchased an 85 Venture and looking forward to riding
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