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  1. I've been giving a 2019 ride about some thought... Just depends on what I feel like after getting an Angiogram/plasty. The doc thinks I need to check things out for heart blockages... Maybe next summer I'll be able to hit the east coast??? Well Jack, get your ticker in shape, I will meet you half way. Bring you in.
  2. Goodness Jack. When was that? 03 or 04?? And how have you been? We do miss you guys out there. Thought many times we need to head back out there but other than a visit I doubt we will ever move back much as I would like to. When were we out there last? 2012 or so? These two bikes. You remember Susanville when we were running across the high desert at triple digits? Riding and eating and lots of fellowship. Do you remember cops donuts? Lot of time in the office back then ehh? I think I have promised the fairing and lowers. I still have lots of plastic though. You should come out ... what else you got to do anyway?
  3. Well Don. I do still ride it is just an 08 RSV ... but you are right, riding that RSV compared to a first gen is like I no longer ride!!
  4. I have given up thinking I would find another first gen. So I find I need a home for faring, lowers, sides, tank cover, bags, trunk, seat, windshield, mufflers and tips, even rims and tires. And probably some other stuff like radiators and assorted gaskets and what have you if anyone needs it/them. It is all off my old 91. All in good shape. I cannot afford to pay boxing and shipping though. I am in/around Fayetteville, NC if you are close or do not mind paying boxing and shipping. Contact me! Steve (hdhtr) DuBois Fayetteville, NC
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