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  1. The toughest part was figuring how to take them apart. But it is fairly simple just need to modify a socket for the wire then remove the nut then 3 screws that hold the shaft to the mirror. The extensions are stainless steel tube with longer screws. It worked great for me. Does require some machining or grinding on the tubes but not hard. As for the lowers I added custom additional plexiglass pieces. Actually a wind screen for a GPZ 550 fairing cut in half. Then drilled and bolted to lowers. Little bit extra wind off my knees. I am tall so knees are up a bit. Thanks for the complim
  2. So see pics to show everything all put back together. Went for a ride and no noise and no observable wind difference. But I can finally see behind me. The rods are Stainless steel tube. and I extended it about 60mm Let me know what you think.
  3. So I have read on here a couple different places that some of us taller guys (6'4") have raised our bars. I did with the Rox risers but then I don't see anything in my mirrors but my hands and the grips. So over the down time this winter I removed my mirrors and took them apart. I tried a few different Ideas to extend them. And I came up with a relatively simple way that (in my opinion) doesn't look that bad. if there is any interest let me know and I can try and make a detailed post. Just thought I would share the results and going to try and post some pics. I might still paint the shaft
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