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  1. Had surgery on the 29th of sep so that's going to hold me back a bit:sick:
  2. Yeah I'm certainly leaning towards rebuilding the starter and soon. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
  3. Confirmed that there is no ticking coming from the valve covers, bike was doing good and then got home tonight and it decided to act up with the battery issue. Going to put the volt meter on it in the am.
  4. It seems to have gotten better as I ride it more but now (and I may be wrong I will need to confirm) I think I am hearing a slight (valve?) Tick coming from the left side cylinder head and possibly right side as well. Can any tell me if the 82 1100 interstate goldwing timing belts match up to my 85 1200 aspencade? @Jeff when you come back from FL be sure to give notice
  5. Just bought a 1985 gold wing aspencade 1200 and I'm thinking I may need a new battery? There are times where it will turn over as if the battery has very little power left. Then there are times where it turns over like it's saying "oh this is nothing" doesn't matter if I'm starting it for the first time that day or from after riding awhile. We (father) and me checked the charging system and it is charging at about 13.8-14.4 @2800 cruising speed. My grandfather ADC recommended to put a extra ground cable on the starter to the block to help ground the starter. Is there anything else I should check?
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