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Speedometer Lubrication


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Thanks to GeorgeS for this excellent article.


NOTE: These pictures give you a good overview of the workings of the speedometer. You do not necessarily have to tear yours down to this extent to lubricate it.


icon1.gif 1ST Gen Speedometer Photos

I just read thru this thread, and just happen to have a , spare 1St Gen, Speedo

in the cabinet , Right Here, at my the computer station: ( And a Camera !!! )


So, I took some photo's, that might be helpful to those who have the noise, and have not had the speedo removed.


The Idea of blowing light lubricant up the cable housing caught my attention!!


So I took these photo's this will show where the Lubricant is needed,

Left to right:

---1st photo, shows frontal view of unit:


---2nd photo, shows rear view of unit:


---3rd photo, shows left side view, you can see the shafts driving Odometer:


---4th photo, shows the Point Where Lubrication is needed !!!!

So, if you blow a light oil up through the cable Sheathing with the cable remove, useing compressed air, the Lubricant would get to

where the Red Pen Is pointing, and where its needed.


---5th photo, With Red Pen, Indicating the Rotating Magnet ( I put one black line for identification ) ( at least I think its a magnet ) This rotates at the speed of the Input mechanical cable.


---- 6th Photo: Pointing to the Outer Pickup, this Only Moves as many Degrees Of Rotation, as the Indicator Needle moves. ( So this could not be the source of the loud noise ) ( This is marked with Two Black marker lines, in the 5th photo for identification )


Also, for those with 1st Gens that have never lubed their Speedo, Simply Remove the headlight assembly, you can reach up and Remove the Outer Speedo Cable Sheeth, from the threads shown in my photo's and with a long tipped Oil can, or WD-40 can its very Easy to apply some lubrication to this point.


Anyway, after examining my spare unit, I can't see anything else that could cause the Loud Screech, would Almost have to be coming from this point. Unless its the cable itself.


As to the speedo cable itself, I use heavy grease on mine, and Also shoot WD-40 with the grease, and lube it often, usually every year, whether it needs it or not.

XVZ1300 Speedometer 007.jpg

XVZ1300 Speedometer 009.jpg

XVZ1300 Speedometer 011.jpg

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