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This week I met with RDawson and picked up one of his lift adapter w/ legs.

First, he is a great guy and fabricator.

Today, I was able to put the lift to use.

It is extremely well made and simple to use. Since this was my first time to lift my RSV, it took a bit of gentle persuasion to get the rod thru the second tab on the underside of the bike. Once in, tap it thru and lift away. Bolt on the legs (perfect fit) and lower it onto the legs. It is now sitting rock steady and solidly elevated and ready for service.

Thanks Ronnie. My only regret is not getting it sooner. 



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Glad you like it, twisting the rod back and forth usually finds its way through the tab.  I have mine up on one right now too. Voltage running a little low, thinking stator/regulator change is due after 80,000 miles 

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