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  • Remove the Seat 

  • Remove the gas tank

  • Remove the spark plug wires. Blow out the space around the plugs to avoid any debris getting into plug holes.

  • Use a 18mm deep well spark plug socket and extension, remove the old plugs.

  • Inspect the old plugs for any signs of improper wear. 

  • Gap and Install new plugs, tighten plugs to 13 ft-lb. Push plug wires on firmly. You should feel a snap when they are on all the way. 
    GAP: 0.8-0.9 mm (0.031-0.035 in)

  • Re-install the upper engine supports (46.1 ft-lb), gas tank (11.5 ft-lb rear bolt, 62 in.-lb front bolts) and driver's seat (62 in.-lb). 


    Last Update: 11:03 AM Friday, September 1, 2006

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