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Bike only runs on choke - help!

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I am looking at purchasing an '87 VR that runs very well, but only on choke.  What I mean is, the engine sounds strong and smooth.  But it dies when off choke.  Otherwise it looks very well cared for.


1) Worth buying if I get a good deal?

2) Am I looking at rebuilding carbs right off the bat? 

3) Anything I can do without removing the carbs, just to see if I can get it running properly?



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A can of seafoam or Gumout with Regane in a tank of gas might clear it up.   There is a "shotgun method" of trying to clean up carbs without removing them and Cowpuc has a method where he uses a turkey baster to pump some carb cleaner into the carb bowl and pull it out and keep doing this a few times.  I don't remember all the details.  If you do a search of this site you might find the details of the shotgun method and Cowpuc's method.  Also, cowpuc has youtube videos listed under puc puc.  You might find his method there.  If the bike has been sitting a while the carbs usually need some cleaning.  

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Yes, it could be clogged idle jet.  Unscrew the needle completely and remove the o-ring at the bottom.  The o-ring is hard to see and remove sometimes.  Then spray some carb cleaner into the opening.  Carb cleaner will damage rubber parts so don't over do it and get some gasoline flowing into the bowl soon afterwards.  This is part of the shotgun method of cleaning carbs.  

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