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No clue what is wrong


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Hello, I haven't found a topik to my problem yet, so I'll just start a new one. I own a Royal star venture imported to Slovenia from US. This year I had carbs renewed, changed all filters, changed fuel pump, spark plugs basically all I could think of. The problem remains, when I switch to 4th gear bike starts to stall, like there isn't enough fuel. I change from 3rd to 4th at about 50-55mph and she just loses power. Tried reving up in 3rd up to 70mph and it starts the same after few seconds in 3rd. If I accelerate in 4th from about 35mph, I can only get to 50-55mph and then it has only enough power to keep the speed. Like I said , everything possible was changed and no difference. Mechanic said it could be pickup sensor, but there is no backfire. If anyone has any idea I would much appreciate your help.

Thank you and ride safe.

Miha O.

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