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Volume Rheostat replacement?


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IMG_20220815_170934261_BURST000_COVER.thumb.jpg.b5ab732ca1e0036d374bf317164f6e7a.jpgIMG_20220815_171234328.thumb.jpg.f301aaf3da9e61fb72a0238f991240cf.jpgHas anyone ever replaced their rheostat for the volume control on their remote?   

My only issue is not being able to adjust the volume. Last week I turned the knob, it stopped at 20 and then the volume adjustment display went away.  If I move the volume now it doesn't show anything other than the setting that I have changed it to (cassette, radio, aux  etc.) 

Everything else is working fine.  




I'm the third owner so I'm guessing this remote had had the 'fix' with the silicone (grey) in the pic ...but I don't know, this was my first time taking it apart.  



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