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Dim headlight fixed!


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So I bought a 83 XVZ12Tdk from a friend who was the original owner with 18K miles on it.  It’s been sitting in his garage for over 15 years  after his last ride.  Rusted gas tank, clog fuel, brake and clutch  lines, carbs where a mess.  After tearing the bike apart and getting it back together it’s running fine now. With the exception warning errors on the computer Mod.  Oil, brake ,headlight and gas,  All buy the way where intermittent.  One step at a Time I decides to work on the dim headlight first,   low beam was only getting  2.5 v to it, high beam work fine.  Check the L/H switch,  reserve lighting unit and cleaned all connectors.  When I disconnected the CPU monitor, I still had a dim headlight only reading 2.6 volts which led  me to believe the RLU was at fault.  So I ordered a replacement on EBay,.  In the meantime, I read on this site it may be a bad solder joint on the CPU monitor, so I removed it and resolder the connection joints and low and behold headlight works an no more warning lights.   Thought this might be helpful to some experiencing the same problems.

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Good to hear you are getting her back in fighting trim!


Bad solder joints and corrosion of the connectors are the main source of electrical issues with these bikes. I highly recommend getting a large tube of dielectric grease and cleaning and greasing every Molex connector you can get at. Also make sure all the grounds are clean and tight.

If you are not already aware of this, @skydoc_17 makes SS brake lines in a delinking kit for the Ventures, as well as a fuse block update kit. He also has a shim kit and sells all the gaskets needed for the valve adjustment job.

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