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Throttle Position Sensor


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Has anyone had any problems with their TPS?


I have the 07 RSTD which has been in the shop for waaaaaay to long. Anyhow as mentioned before in another thread they finally got the head gasket fixed and put it back together. But it is running like crap!


Idles fine, rev's fine in neutral. Put it under load and open the throttle and it feels like hitting the Rev limiter.


Does it more in higher gears where the load is greater due to gear ratio's.


We have checked everything we can think of and everything others have mentioned here but to no avail.


We have pretty much ruled out the carbs and timing.


They checked the TPS and apparently the resistance was all wrong like no resistance. They are suppose to have one ordered and hopefully be in this week..


Has anyone else had a problem or can shed some light?

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After my totally worthless dealer had my bike for a total of over 3 months this year, Two months this time I got Ma Yamaha involved and got my bike back last week.


The initial problem was I had a leaking head gasket. they got that repaired after about a month of doing nothing but when they put the bike back together it ran awful.


Had no power and spit and sputtered the faster you went.


I finally got Yamaha to send down a technician from Atlanta who had the bike back up and running in just a few hours. But at 1st he couldn't figure it out either but he did eventually.


Now her is the kicker..........................


There was nothing wrong with the bike it was the sorry mechanics.


Being lazy they didn't completely assemble the bike before taking it out for a test ride.


They left the fairing / shroud off from around the radiator. As we all know our air filters are in that shroud so by not putting it back on when the bike got up to speed around 30 mph it was acting like a Ram Air induction system forcing too much air into the intake when made it critically lean to the point it would not run.


That is why it ran fine at low speed and at idle.


What a bunch of maroons.


They mechanics even the so called "he knows everything about bikes technician" who to his credit did find the problem, (I over looked it also) but they also said he tuned the bike for my aftermarket pipes and balanced the carbs.


Well it was still running a bit rough so I re- rebalanced the carbs yesterday. It was still off enough to run a bit rougher than it should. Much smoother now.


I guess my home made balance is better than their Yamaha balancer.


Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas.


Let me know if I can help you with anything, or any other questions.

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This is and old thread I ran into but I suspect without the lower fairings on, the problem was air was hitting the bowl vent lines that are hooked to the air filter housings. They are there to get a neutral or static pressure reading. Without it the bike will run like crap when moving.

Carry on.

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