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Borrowed a 2010 Street Glide for a few hours - Cemented my love for my RSTD


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Hi Everyone!


Just thought that I'd share my experience of the previous weekend. I met up with my father and his brand new 2010 Harley Street Glide. I like my RSTD quite a fair bit, but did come very close to purchasing an older model Electra Glide over it due to the Harley experience, blah blah blah. Well I can say firmly that after taking it out for the day and swapping back and forth a few times, the RSTD is now my Pride and Joy! I guess I was taking for granted how great my bike really is.


Clutch whine, pfft, I'll take that any day. First off, the Harley Vibe was so strong it was shaking my to pieces. I was finding myself joking around by over exaggerating the shaking, like I was being electrocuted, when were were side-by-side at the stop light. I really didn't enjoy the vibes, especially in stop-and-go traffic - it not really fun. Yes, it did straighten out once we got going and it was nice and stable. Sound wise, well, its low and deep. Which actually gave me a pulsing headache after a few hours. But what I did notice was how GOOD my RSTD exhaust sounded. Nice and crisp, and when the old guy layed on it once he figured out the high rpm game, wow, just great. I kept trying to take off really quickly with the Glide, but was shocked to see my RSTD right in my side mirror everytime.

Neck and neck, we were keeping up to each other with no difficulties, and he's got the stage 1 on the Harley.


Don't get me wrong here, the Harley is a nice ride, but I was so thrilled when I got back on my RSTD! I feel like a million bucks now. Maybe I will save that much now that my Harley lust is gone down the toilet.

:mo money::mo money::mo money:

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Sorry for the delayed response, I was away from the computer for the weekend.


Well the old man said, "yeah its pretty nice" at first. Then when he figured out that you can just lay on the throttle and let it rip, I saw a huge smile and him laughing his head off. And at the end of the day he almost admitted that he should have tried out a few of these bikes before he got his Harley,.. but not quite.


One of the big points was that the Harley Street Glide seat seems to be much higher than the RSTD - even though the specs say the glide at 27" and the RSTD at 29". So he enjoyed feeling more stable/flat footed than the glide at a stop. And even though he wont totally admit it, he loved the smoothness of the RSTD. I heard him say that the harley vibe was crap, but he has convinced himself (after spending more money that you can shake a stick at!) that its the way a real motorcycle should be! Well, I am glad that I didn't buy a "real" motorcycle because I enjoy saving my money from the initial purchase of the bike and all of the "Harley authentic" add-ons that you need to buy to get the bike in usable running order. I'm not saying that the Royal Star is a cheap bike, i'm just saying that some are a little more costly than others.


I think for the price of a new street glide I would rather just get my RSTD gold plated and pocket the extra cash. :happy65:

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