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Name of Restaurant Indian Veg Bhel Poori

Street Address Chapel Market

City London

Country United Kingdom

Website (Optional) http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Restaurant/Indian_Vegetarian_Bhel_Poori_House/e5a8/

Kind of Food? (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) Vegetarian Indian food - fresh and cheap

Quality of Food Great

Quality of Service Average

Biker Friendly? (Parking, Trusted Location, Etc.) Yes

Alcohol Served? Yes

Additional Comments Not somewhere to spend the evening, but a great place to stop on the way out (or coming back again, or for lunch). It no longer has a menu as such, but simply serves up an extensive hot buffet from which you can eat as much as you like for £3.95, which in London is an excellent price. The food is freshly made, with ingredients largely from the fruit and veg market in the street outside, and full of flavour, which means it keeps meat eaters like me as happy as the stodge-eating vegetarians !!


Parking is in the street outside and is no problem in the evenings. During the day I stick the bike up a side turning next to it.


[EDIT]June 2016 - the cost is about £6 now, but it's still well worth a visit.[/EDIT]

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