How to remove the carburetors from the '99 to present Royal Star Venture

Thanks to Cougar for this excellent article.

This was my first time removing the carb cluster from my 2000 RSV. This project took me about 30 to 40 minutes to do including the seat and tank removal. I think it is a pretty easy job to tackle.
I tried to take as many pictures as I could. In the write up I used only 2 instead of 5. You will get the idea.

1. Remove the seat and fuel tank.

2. Now you will see the cable and cord clamps. Remove all the screws shown below.

3. No need to remove these screws.

4. Remove this hose from the right surge tank.

5. Now loosen the clamps on the front of the surge tanks (2) as shown below.

6. Now loosen all four clamps on the bottom of the surge tanks that are attached to the top of the carbs in four places, one on each carb.

7. These wires and hose will go towards the middle.

8. Pull the left and right wires and hoses to one side of the surge tanks. Do not worry, they will stretch far enough.

9. Now remove the tank surge union.

10. Now start wiggling and pulling up on each surge tank.

11. Remove one vent hose on each surge tank and then they will be free and out of the way.

12. Remove both left and right overflow hoses from each carb.

13. Next, split apart the two wire connectors on the left side front of the carbs. I think that they are heater and sensor wires. I always have hated the black connectors.

14. Now the fun part. Loosen both nuts on the throttle cable housing. (NOTE: REMEMBER AND MARK THE TOP AND BOTTOM) in the pictures I just remembered that the top nut and lower nut are different.

15. Remove the fuel line from the three holders.

16. Remove these two bolts off the right front carb.

NOTE: DO NOT REMOVE THESE TWO SCREWS! (these are to hold the cover on for the carb diaphragm)

17. Loosen all 4 lower clamp screws on the bottom of each carb.

18. Now lift slightly on each side, left and right.

19. Start to pull from the left side about half way and then remove the fuel line that is on the rear middle of the carb cluster.

20. Now the carbs are free from everything. Pull them the rest of the way out from the left side.

21. Find a bucket and turn the carbs over to drain them.

22. Find your favorite work bench and place your carbs on it.

23. Do not forget to fill your intake manifolds with something that will not fall apart to keep the junk out of them.

Just a side note for the float bowls. You will need a 4mm hex to remove the 3 screws.

The cone shaped brass caps above the hex wrench come off for adjusting the mixing screws. Also, I want say PLEASE make any other comments or suggestions so that Don can add them to this write-up. I hope I explained this for you well.