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RSTD - Harley TP. Quick Release mod and install

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Hello all,

Well I picked up a 2007 Harley you pack and decided to install.

Steps taken:

2018 Harley soft tail deluxe quick release rack with sissy bar, because I had one, but they make a 2 up tour pack rack. 
I cut and removed the sissy bar. 
I removed the Yamaha quick release sissy bar, rack-backrest and removed the docking mounts, save. 
 I mounted the Harley docking mounts with x2 long bolts into the rear bolts that hold the fender. I drilled into the fender support just behind the front hole for yamaha dock and taped, install bolts. 
Then I mounted the Softail setup. At this point you can use some flat steel and mount it to the HD deluxe rack, or if you buy the new 2 up Softail rack, I believe it would slip right on the added docking mounts. Install Harley tour pack and there you have it.

Do at your own risk. 









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Looks good, nice job.

I have seen similar done on many Stratoliners and have sold wiring harness to them so the lights on the tour pack work as designed. I can do the same for your bike if you need help and do not want to cut any wires on the bike.

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