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Looking to get in touch with Randy R / Randy Rick, Dahlonega, Ga. Last Phone number I have is no longer working.


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Been trying to get in touch with Randy R or Randy Rick in Dahlonega, Ga. 

The last phone number I have is no longer a working number.

If anyone talks to Randy or has his personal e-mail would you please let him know that Cowboy or Brian Shoemaker in Ellijay, Ga. is trying to get in touch with him.

Randy has a valve shim tool and some shims that I have used over the years. I just realized that it had been 4 years since I needed any valve shims. Last check I was all in spec.

Fixing to break it down and change the valve cover gaskets and thought I would check the valves again. I think I may have one or two that need to be adjusted.

Bike has 150,109 mile now still running great.

Again if anyone knows Randy let him know!


Brian Shoemaker AKA Cowboy

Ellijay, Ga.

phone number is on my profile.

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