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Need help getting in touch with a Member (Rick Haywood) but one that is not real active.

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Trying to get in touch with Rick Haywood.

The last number I have is  no longer his. 

Wanting to pick his brain on the Indian Roadmaster that he is riding these days.

If anyone has his number or regularly talks to him, please let him know that Brian Shoemaker, Ellijay, Ga. is trying to get in touch with him.

I have sent a private message I think, I sent it to him and myself but I did not get a notification that I had a message.

Thank You 


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Thanks he called last night. 

Seems the Indian Roadmaster will be on my radar. After a great 150,000 miles and still looks and rides great, just feel like its time for an upgrade with similar style classic look with a few modern wants. Truely if the shock and seat was better along with a stereo! I would just keep on riding the Iron Horse. Time will tell.

Thanks again for your help


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