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It lives!

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ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 192.89765% WITHOUT A DOUBT DOWN RIGHT OUTSTANDING HUGGY!!!!! Give your brother a great big pat on the back for me will ya!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


OH,, AND HUGE :ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886:ice_congrats-vi6886 TOO!!!!!!

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OK hes holding a small container in his right hand. It's hard to see but you can see the black fuel line running down to the carb.


I always called that "puttin em on an IV" :big-grin-emoticon:


Cant wait to see that GORGEOUS scoot running down the road without the IV bag attached Huggy!!:fingers-crossed-emo Now that you know how to link us up to youtube that shouldnt be a problem,, right :big-grin-emoticon::big-grin-emoticon::big-grin-emoticon::big-grin-emoticon::big-grin-emoticon: (these three things are never satisfied: 1. A barren womb. 2. Fire's need to consume. 3. A Puc's love for old Harley's..


Hey Huggy,, has your brother got any intention of hauling his 51 out to Sturgis to show it off? If so I would LOVE to know about it with hopes of seeing him out there.. Man that is a BEAUTIFUL piece of machinery!!:thumbsup:

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