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Thread: Buying new brake pads

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    Default Buying new brake pads

    I like to keep a set of new brake pads on hand and I've been shopping on Ebay. Wondering if anyone has experience with the cheaper brands they offer on there? I usually buy EBC pads and generally have had good service from them. I see a pair of NO Name rear sintered HH pads for $13.99 There's a complete set, No name, front and back, of semi metallic for $14.60 and a rear set of EBC for $31.02. Any words of wisdom? Anyone used the cheap ones? Buy cheap, get cheap?
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    Default Re: Buying new brake pads

    I have ran cheapies for years Gary and have always been happy with em.. I prefer the cheapy organics myself as I really like the feel of organics.. I always clean my caliper pistons when swapping in new pads as shown in video and have never had to do a rebuild as a result. I also double check the mounting areas on the new pads and have had to remove access paint and clean em up a little with a file if necessary where they fit into the caliper = I have also bought high end pads and ALWAYS did the same with them.. I think the last set I got for one of my 83's I got 4 sets for under 20 bucks! I also brake almost exclusively front brake so my rear brakes very seldom need pads. The fronts are easy to keep track of cause its just a glance down. Keep in mind brother, this is all 83 chatter,, no idea whats available for your fancier rig!! Hope this helps! Best wishes and happy trails where ever you stopping adventure leads you ya lop eared varmint!!

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