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  1. Well removed single carb conversion took Saddlebum advise tried little gas in each intake backfire through intake that's about it will have to buy throttle cable which was cut for conversion found on bike. Yep looking like it's going need a whole bunch of going though.
  2. Appreciate your feedback so yes the single carb spoken about they didn't even run chock wire or fuel shut off or ground wire so yeah I'm little concern about hearing bike run my used factory manual came in today from amazon 20.00 including shipping right now minus 10 below here in Fargo so not doing any work on bike yet worse case if bike turns out having a bad motor well just will donated it to forum owner or head dude or a member from here it's only money. Happy to have your feedback and support
  3. Thanks once again you guys rock Marcarl only paid 200.00 dollars for her here in Fargo<ND as mention before they started to do VW single carb mod which all looks new but didn't finish the job by previous owners. so haven't even hear it run yet had a wrecker truck bring it home and will be putting stock carbs back on it bike needs to be completely gone through but has good bones 32,000 miles on it I'm new to all of this stuff so yeah I'm excited and nervous because don't know what I have yet far as running. She needs tires I'm going to do brakes fluids plugs on and on lol I'm really anal w
  4. Saddlebum, Grateful for your reply need to find some replacement tube there's a couple missing. so should I cap off the three port for sync on carburetor itself like three on joints just using #1 cylinder connected? Do have a used service manual coming kind of hard fixing or putting back to factory what someone else has done have no guide on repairs like the missing hardware on side cover and fairing look like factory screw was used with gourmet from pictures I've seen. Bike has good bones she needs a lot of TLC . where's a good place for rebuilt kit for carburetor? besides ebay ? I'm
  5. Thanks for having me so bought a non running venture they had tried doing single carburetor conversion so I'm wanting to change back with stock carburetors not sure about vacuum lines I've notice carburetor Joint some are cap off also appear to be 4 vent ports or vacuum ports on top side of rack could someone provide me clear picture on how stock carburetors with vacuum hook up should lookdbc1965@gmail.com bike has 32,000 miles on it and will have to go through everything I've order replacement throttle cables they had cut to do single vw carb mod which it looks all new will be selling. a
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