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  1. So I was successful in removing the trunk from my Star Venture. I love the new look. I love the look of the Eluder without the massive trunk. After removing the trunk you realized what a massive seat comes with the Venture. It's sits high and is not flush with the frame. Will an Eluder seat fit on the Venture?
  2. I never bought the Dyno, so I'm not sure how much performance it will improve. I definitely get popping noises. I know without the Dyno, I believe I still have better performance then before.
  3. I have the 2018 Star Venture. My first ride home was 300 miles from Vegas to California. There is definitely a lot of heat on the left side. I've put almost 4k in the last few months and already gave it the first oil change. I think after the initial service the heat seams to be a lot less. But on certain days I can feel the heat again. I live in Bakersfield, CA so the temp reaches in the high 95 to 100+ in the summer. It's not unbearable, but you definitely can feel it. There are lower air vents you can adjust that helps tremendously. Just wish there were one more lower air vent system built in to help the cool the engine more. I ended up buying the tab performance zombie baffle slip ons. I love the sound and even though it's loud, I can still hear my sound system. The stock mufflers sound low and nice, but will drop off real quick on higher speed. I would highly recommend louder pipes. One more thing, for the price of the Eluder, I would skip it and just buy the Star Venture. For a little more you have a lot more options in the Star Venure. (Reverse gear, adjustable windshield, heated grips, a trunk) If you decide to remove the trunk, it becomes an Eluder and you still have all the options that you would not be able to get with a real Eluder. Good luck with whatever you decide. I love my Star Venture.
  4. Just wondering if anyone heard or seen brackets like what Harley has for their quick trunk system. I would love to be able to remove the trunk and make it look like an Eluder and put it back on quickly to ride with the wife.
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