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  1. Interesting i was wondering if additives are safe I'm going to try Lucas in my 89vr
  2. I believe 01 or 02 i love the raised white lettering
  3. Thanks Tim that's awesome I'll replace all three calipers with blu-dots and see how that feels for awhile. Then I'll try de-linking and try that out.
  4. Hello I'm excited to be a new member, i have 2 questions, i have a 89VR, for now im keeping my breaks linked-up, I've just rebuilt a pair of blu-dots I'm going to replace right front caliper, is it ok to use a blu-dot on the left front rear rotor, while breaks are still linked, or does that mess with proportioning and over breaking? i know the stock front left caliper has smaller pistons so not to over break and lock front wheel when using linked rear break. Second question i took my front left blu-dot caliper and bolted it on the rear, it fit, is that ok? or is that too much rear break power and cause a rear lock-up. Any advice is much appreciated Thanks and ride on.
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