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  2. I'm thinking they would be isolated via separate ptt just using the same headset and mic. I would be able to monitor two radios but only transmit on one at a time depending on what ptt I used. I may be incorrect but figured I'd ask
  3. hey guys, I'm thinking about adding another two way radio to the bike. I was wondering if anyone had made up a cable to go from the headset plug to a kenwood style 2 pin for a two way radio. i think i have an idea on the connection if i were to create a din to din cable then y it off to the kenwood plug with the ptt i should be able to choose what radio i transmit on based on what ptt i use right?
  4. Dion, I have a buddy that wants one of your bypass relays. Can you please me your PayPal info.
  5. yeah sorry i forgot to update the profile. The 09 VStar was sold about 3 years ago.
  6. Steven, Thanks but i dont' have the 09 1300 anymore i sold that to a buddy. This is happening on my 07 midnight venture.
  7. Ok guys and gals, I'm running down a rabbit hole. I just rode 410 miles yesterday and on the way home i found the bike would seem to stumble in 5th gear 75 -80 mph. Almost like it couldn't decide what carb circuit to use. Had plenty of power. I'm wondering if i should rejet the carbs. My current setup is K&N filters in stock airboxes, Reinhart mufflers with the baffles, carbs are stock as far as i know. I did balance them this year. I'm also thinking of using the same size jets in every carb. Has anyone tried this? I would like to keep the fuel economy but i didn't like the feeli
  8. Bluesky, I saw that thread but i know the bleedback is working. as i can see the fluid come into the cylinder with the cover off. It seems like the clutch is not releasing completely so if you throttle up with the clutch in the bike can/will go forward even up the incline of my driveway.
  9. Working on a 99 RSV with 52k on the clock. We had an event and after the event the clutch wouldn't fully disengage. I took the bike to the house and noticed the fluid was old and getting dark. I flushed the system with new clean fluid until i was only getting clean fluid from the bleeder. Still the clutch won't fully disengage. If you have the bike running and put it in gear with the clutch in you can feel it trying to pull. Is it time for a new clutch? Or maybe just the barnett pressure plate?
  10. I'm using the 20s. I love it. Got mine just before the 30k was announced.
  11. Your other option is to use sena part SC-A0116 and wire it to a 5pin din plug
  12. Yes the freewire acts as if I was wired to the bike with a headset.
  13. I'm using the Sena freewire for the goldwing on the venture for me and the sm10 for the wife. She can hear everything but not transmit on the CB. It might be easier to sell the SR10 and get the freewire.
  14. Might reach out to hanagan as they pull the bags when they trike bikes. I don't know if they keep them.
  15. Yes if the kick stand is down it will not start. it will turn over just no spark.
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