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  1. Hello everyone. On October 8, 2016 my non profit©(3) organization will be hosting our 8th annual Think Pink in October motorcycle event. Any and all welcomed. It is a police escorted, approx. 60 mile ride around beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida. We will have live music, food, vendors,demonstrations and a little something for everyone. It is a family (non alcohol) event. Please feel free to check out our website if you would like to see more. Hope to see you all there. http://www.thinkpinkinoctober.com
  2. Well, where to begin. Got my 01 blue dots in yesterday and could not wait to get to it today. Hope was completely dashed when I found that NOTHING about the blue dots would work on my first gen. I would need to grind the mounting pads down about a 1/4 inch on the calipers, the rotor are too thick for them and I would need to fabricate an extension link for the top of the caliper to get it at the right angle. I have a 01 rear caliper and mounting spacer coming. Should be here tomorrow. I am assuming that I am going to run into the same problems? Brakes are already de-linked but left front is not hooked to anything. Front brakes are really spongy and will not stop the bike effectively. This bothers me to no end since my girl rides with me constantly. Only option I can see is to install a portioning block and tie it to the right front. Are there any mods other than the stainless line that I can do to get this heffer to stop. I am finding myself pulling the lever and pushing the pedal to there extreme limits while saying a prayer in traffic.
  3. My 84 at Daytona last year.
  4. 84 royale, 27k original, YICS removed I was wondering if anyone has used a different composite on the clutch plates...cork (oem), carbon fiber, Kevlar..., and thier opinion on them. I know that the carbon fiber and Kevlar will tolerate heat better, but shift harder. I believe the heat part would be an advantage where I am but unsure on the shift quality in this bike. Am considering a Barnett carbon friction and plate set.
  5. Cruise does not work but it quit working long before I had this problem. Canceller worked without cruise working up till I had to repair switch. Tore the switch all down, cleaned everything, resoldered wire, turn signal worked but would not cancel. Guess I need to go through the cruise system?
  6. I always carry a crown royal bag full of pea rock tied to the handlebars for people like that. Drop a hand full on the ground when in front and they back off pretty quick. Not as nice as you though.
  7. Been through the post and can't figure out what is going on. I recently lost the right turn signal. Tore down the switch and found the black wire disconnected from the solder post. Resoldered it back on and it works great. However, now the auto cancel is not working. Was working fine before the resolder. Any ideas?
  8. I use a piece of hose attached to the vacuum port of the boot and blow smoke in from a cig or cigar or something. May take a couple puffs but pretty good at finding leaks. Just look for the smoke.
  9. Took plenty of pictures from the bike but none of the bike you can make out. Was the ONLY 1st gen there. My bad.
  10. capymotiv

    84 Venture Royale

    84 Venture Royale. 27610 miles, 3rd owner, YICS removed.
  11. Hello. First post. Took my 84 for it's first real ride Saturday to biketoberfest. It was a hoot. Can send a couple pics if you want.
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