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  1. I removed and sealed my tank maybe 10 years ago. I did it because it was clogging my carbs. Has been stored since and I am now bringing her back up. It is quite a job to remove. But if I could do it anyone can. Can't remember where I got instructions but the task was pretty straight forward. This is what I used and had very good results. https://www.kbs-coatings.com/tank-sealers.html I have done two other motorcycle tanks with it successfully. If you plan to keep the bike long term it is a good thing to do because the rust will come back.
  2. Found this. Any additional tips would be appreciated.
  3. '87 VR. How do you get the plunger out of the Front MC? Have taken the handle off and the phillips screw and float off. Does the rubber float mount come off? It doesn't seem to want to and I don't want to damage it if I pull it too hard.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I think I will start a new thread on brakes.
  5. I've got it idling fairly well after putting the airbox back on and doing a sync. Having trouble setting the idle to 1000 as the rpm's will occasionally surge faster. I can adjust the idle down then it will be too low. I adjust it up and after a bit the rpms will zoom to 2 or 3k. I was getting a lot of smoke off the hot engine from dirt and oil buildup from past overflows. I wanted to move it out from the garage to the driveway to wash it off. Found out the brake front master cylinder was empty and rear was not working either. Need the front brake since my driveway is slanted toward the street. I came in to research this brake operation. I want to pull the front master cyl off and look at the piston in it. How does the brake light switch come off. Are there any other resources I can look at on this?
  6. Got the fuel pump on and it works great! Got an overflow on one carb. Have pulled carbs and adjusted float levels. Will put them back in and go from there tomorrow.
  7. Cowpuc, I would like to go ahead and buy your used fuel pump. Please reply back or message me. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply RDawson. Is this it? https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/mr-gasket/mr-gasket-95-gph-fuel-pump/mrg0/95p?q=Mr+Gasket+low+pressure+fuel+pump&pos=5
  9. I am coming from the first gen list looking for a fuel pump. Got lots of great suggestions there. There does not seem to be a source for new fuel pumps for an '87 Venture Royale. Anyone here know if a Royal Star fuel pump can be rigged to use in my first gen? Thanks!
  10. Been round and round with this thing. Just gonna go ahead and order a new pump like I was going to do in the first place.
  11. So I decided to open the fuel pump up and test it some more. I re seated the contacts and spring and shaft and put it all back together. I hooked it up to gas tank and connected the cable. I turned the ignition to on and heard one slight thump from the fuel pump. I had the output connect to an empty pail. No output and the pump was not cycling. So I pulled it off and bench tested it with a 12v battery and it will make a thump sound which is the shaft moving. I then hooked the fuel input with tubing to a cup of water and the output to an empty cup. When I apply voltage to the connector the water draws to the pump then slowly drains back. But if I quickly apply and disconnect like it is supposed to it works great and fills the empty cup nicely. Looking at the wiring diagram there is a fuel pump control relay. Any idea where it is and how to test it and heaven forbid a place to find a replacement? Thanks!
  12. Thanks cowpuc, I'll let you know what I find when I try all that you suggested. May be a few days til I get it done.
  13. That didn't work. Will wait till I get a fuel pump to try anything else.
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