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So I followed the advice of someone, sorry forgot to copy the name for here. I took it for a run to the store and back, about 24 KM round trip and it happened 5 times! A couple of things, first I did not hear any clicks from the fuel filter and in the past I remember hearing those clicks. I took the gas cap off and listened for rushing air...nada. What was different today, the bike ran perfectly to the store, but wen I came out and fired it up, it quit as soon as I put the kick stand up. Secondly, one one occasion, it quit and restarted almost instantly, like a jump start. One other thing, we have about 7 kilometers from out house to the highway, so round trip on that road about 14 K and both yesterday and today it never quit at low speed on that road. So any additional info will be greatly appreciated.

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