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Tachometer dropping, missfire and power loss...

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My Yamaha XVZ 1200 - 83 has a problem that I can't identify what is causing it.

After warming up and running for 1 hour the tachometer drops out it missfires and power loss until it stops, if I try to start it straight away it feels as if the battery is dead, the tachometer continues to not work and it continues to lose power and I hear all the relays going off,

I wait about 15 to 30 minutes and it goes back to normal.

Can anyone help??

Im form Portugal, Madeira island to be more precise, finding material or parts for this bike is very difficult around here.




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42 minutes ago, Marcarl said:

First thing I would check out is the TCI. It's under the battery floor tucked away and hard to get at.


I've already changed the TCI (I bought it from Carmo electronics), the problem still exists, but thanks for the help.

I simply don't know where to look to resolve this.

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ok, I'll check the coils, starting with number 2, the loss of power is not exaggerated but here on the island it's all mountain roads, we either go up or down never in a straight line, so I feel the loss a little.

Once again, thank you very much and as soon as I have news I will pass it on.

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