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1984 venture Royale " TCI " --- in 2024?

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On 6/27/2024 at 7:52 PM, dna9656 said:

I have several parts bikes, so far as I know the frames are nice on all of them. The 2nd gear thing doesn't usually show up until 50k, to 60k miles, you are showingway less than that and it isn't like it's not repairable, you just have to split the case! NO PROBLEM right! 

K-kool.  I did not see anything strange or out of sorts on the frame on this one, yet.  Ya, I have re-re and split cases on many a motorcycle and snowmobile and pwc.  It tends to take me way more time removing an engine from such than it takes me to completely strip and rebuild the engine once it is out.


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I would suggest to just get the bike running before doing much tuning on it so that you know it is running properly before experimenting.  I have one on my 89VR 1300 and it is a V80. Do you know what version you have and if it is an V80 I can send you all the files I acquired when I installed mine and loaded a tune.

Good luck.

Rick F.

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Update on the bike. It Runs!   Buttttt like dominoes there is more to come hahaha. 

I purchased one of the Ignitech v88 units that are currently on eBay. Includes the proper harness 👍for the bike. It took what seems like forever to get here  

I did ALOT of online reading and figuring to come up with a set of tuning parameters that seem to work. There is a set of timing curves vs IAP chart in the manual on this site.   I used that and the Ignitech online download manual along with some technical experience and logic to fill out the 10x10 table in the  software and then uploaded that to the v8& TCI4.

On the bike stand, super smooth and at Ron’s and steady idle.  The first light was a total smoke gong show and am surprised the neighbours did not call in the fire trucks.  Smoked up probably 2 blocks, LoL.   After being parked for yearsNyears two of the four had rings stuck. So was burning ALOT of oil plus whatever was in the pipes from previous owners trying to get it to run.

Since that first light-off, I have removed and totally cleaned all carbs, using ultrasonic cleaner.  I have gone for test rides racking up about 200km, AND changed the fuel filter 3 times in those runs.

there is definitely room for improvement on the timing map, and I am so so soooo happy with the Ignitech and the ability to do that. 

buuuut, before tuning - obviously have to get the fuel system cleaned up as the next priority. There is a lot of visible crud in the tank.  I am trying to decide between removing the tank and shake-up cleaning it, or letting sleeping dogs lie and just keep a stash of fuel filters on hand for frequent changes until it stops running lean.











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