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Long ride home


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A biker leaves work one evening and thinks to himself: " It's Friday, I just got paid and it's been a long, hard week. I think I will take the long way home and clear my head."

As sometimes happens, the biker pulls into his drive on Sunday afternoon. Sure enough his lady is waiting at the door for him. "What do you mean? Leaving like that without even a call. Gone all weekend long! Leaving me here! You could have been dead and I wouldn't even know where you are!" she shouted. "How would you like it if you didn't see me for a few days?"

Now the biker is getting angry that she is spoiling his good mood, so he shouts back "That would be just fine by me!"

Sure enough, Monday comes around and he doesn't see her. On Tuesday he still doesn't see her. On Wednesday he sees her...just a little bit out of one eye.

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