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She lost some weight,ready for service work...

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Removed everything for service work,Now I think it looks really good with all the extras off...Thinking about getting another factory seat and customizing it down lower and fab up a rear cowl where the air pump area is and color match it...Can't wait for all the service upgrades to get done...




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Love the 1'st Gens. Wish they would bring the style back with the VMax engine, the same handlebar setup, reverse and all the good electronics like Apple/Android integration.  Call it a throwback or whatever I'd sell my '18 and buy one.  I don't have ethe skills to maintain one properly with the twin carbs and can't find a 3rd party mechanic around here that can. 

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That's kind of the idea I have with this one...do some mods but it still look factory but puts the power to the ground like a V-Max...All while cranking some music too!!!! I too have had to take matters into my own hands with working on it,as all the techs around here run from them...

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