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MIKUNI BDSR 32 Carb Documentation/Part Identification

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I've been struggling to find any documentation on these carbs other than what is in the Yamaha and Clymer manuals.  Maybe these are discontinued; even bought a Sudco book, and this Carb is not addressed.  Can someone help me with a source?  Or, help me to identify the components identified in the following two images.

In View A: Does the Red Square cover the Pilot Gas Screw?  Or is it under the Blue Pentagon?  What is the the brass piece identified in the Green Triangle?  It appears to aligned with the needle jet, which is what I think I want to remove, but is may be pressed in.  Is the emulsion tube identified within the Purple Star?  Can it come out to clean it?

In View B: What are the Blue, Red and Green ports.  Also, the Purple circle I think is the needle jet that leads to the emulsion tube, but apparently not directly, see the Purple Star in View A.  Can it come out. . . .how?


BDRS 32 Carb Parts A.png

BDRS 32 Carb Parts B.png

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