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Help: 85 Venture Royale: Dead Tachometer, Runs ruff, ignition issues.

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Hey guys, New to the forum.


Like the title says I'm having some issues with my 85 VR xvz12.


My VR had run great for the last 2 years I've owned it, just had to fill her up, change the oil and go. But my son and I went for a short drive around central Washington and got caught in a freak rainstorm. We stopped and got under some shelter and afterwards the bike just wouldn't start. After about 2 hours of fiddling around with her, she just started up but ran like crap. The Tachometer was dead "at Zero", and she ran like she was on two cylinders. Got her home and blew her off with a leaf blower and wiped her dry.


The following weekend, she was still running sick. So I pulled the battery and checked both coils (primary and secondary check), pickups, spark plugs, spark plug cables, emergency cut off switch, pickup coil, stand switch and the voltages were in the ballpark from my service manual. I then read a post from DonB about testing from the TCI connectors to see if there is a short in a wire, I followed his guide and didn't find any reason to think I had a short.


So the old girl is still reading zero on the Tach, failing the fire on two cylinders, and starting is hit or miss.


I'm at my wit's end really, I figure at this point it's the TCI. It sitting in its original horrible location, and I don't really know how or why I would want to take it out if I'm thinking about ordering a new SPARKER TCIP4 from IgniTech.


Is there anything that I'm missing or have not thought of. I have scanned this forum pretty hard.



PS: with the massive amount of information on this forum I'm gonna have to pony up the 12 bucks

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