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Firstgear "Sirocco" jacket: Review


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I bought a Firstgear Jacket off of fleabay, I thought it was the Killi model and would have been happy if it was, But it turned out to be the next step up jacket. It retails for $400.00+ bucks. I got it for $90.00 something with "cashback" from microsoft.


Jacket is well made and has all the vents and pads I wanted. The back padding is weak, but they say it works.The pocket system is a bit over the top, but I'll make use of some of the matrix of stash pockets. If its above say 36 or so you don't need the liner/jacket. Below that your cozy down to 25 or so. Thats the coldest Ive been in so far. Water seems to be repelled pretty good. It has alot of velcro on it to seal things up. Its a hassle fighting the velcro but it works good keeping the air and wet out. The Killi and this jacket look to be very good 3 season jackets all year for some. You can find both of these on the web for around $100.00 bucks. I recommend either one.:thumbsup:

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