Thanks to Cougar for this excellent write-up Installed the Electronic Connection AMP

The Install took about 6 to 8 hours. (with no beer)

Start here and remove the seat/tank/passenger seat/front fairing/rear speakers. I had already installed upgraded speakers so I just took them off and put them there to work on. also you need to get that trunk cleaned out *LOL* remove the nylon purse thingy and that should get you ready. (MOUSE OVER THE PICS TO MAKE THEM LARGER)
then mouse over again to make even larger ~S~ (bottom right)

(remove front of fairing)

(remove passenger seat)

(remove tank)

(remove driver seat)

(remove junk out of trunk , pad and the nylon junk holder)

(remove rear speakers)

Then cut a "X" in that kewl rubber grommet that Yamaha Left for us to use
and start running the wires like how I did if you want.
(REMEMBER) THERE IS ONLY 25 FT I had 12 inches left over when finished!
I used a 12 Gage High Strand Count wire for the Power and Ground
they say run the ground short.. Its OK to run ground to the battery , worked fine for me. ( Phil at E/C says thats fine as well )

(cut a *X* hole on the grommet)

(start to run wires)(one at a time)(MARK THEM)

(wires running over the rear fender)

(wires running to beginning of drivers seat area)

(wires running under modulite and toward tank area)

(same) bad pic

(wires starting to run from seat area to under tank)

(wires running under the tank area)

(wires running almost at front of tank now into the fairing)

(same pic darker)

(kind of not in order *oops* again running under the start of tank)

(12 Gage wire running back to trunk)


(wires running through that kewl hole under trunk)



(and up through hole in trunk)

Now make sure your marking your wires with a sharpie number 1 for wire one. number 2 for wire 2 ect.. or mark black bands around them each time you run a Purple wire. (ON EACH END) run ONE AT A TIME! (then mark)
the instructions are pretty clear.


(left front speaker) #1 , the instructions will tell you How to wire these
It's pretty simple!


(solder and heat shrink)


(shrink more)

(make it pretty)

(now run to the trunk and find the wire you MARKED for left front speaker
and do what it says on the label) I had no patients to solder all these wires. so I used the supplied connectors!

speaker 3 (rear left)

(starting to look like a spider web or mess)

(get the power and ground and REM wire hooked up as well)

(same mess)

Now for the Rest.. keep them wires nice and neat! look at the pics
under the seat I have a modulite and ran a "U" shape under that
then put the modulite back in it's place.. ALL the wires even the 12 Gage will fit in that Rubber Grommet.

Also run the one wire it says to a Lights On Wire what ever one you pick
the Unit will power on only when its hooked to a source like your lights when the key is on .. I chose this way because if I went to the AUX to power the AMP the engine isn't running and that might drain the battery pretty fast. (that wire will be the REM Wire. You will see if you decide to do this project.

Place the AMP in the Trunk.. put it in any direction you wish It will run any way you wish.. I chose this way..

( don't forget to adjust the Channels settings to about were it shows)


(make it all neat and pretty and put those back speakers in place)

(hook those ground and power wires up to the battery with a in-line fuse

(your choice) on how you want the place the amp. If this way -remove that nylon holder thingy)

(I used a aluminum plate I had laying around,you could use a piece of
plywood I bet)

(get this high power Velcro type stuff at Radio-Shack)
(2 packages)

(start sticking)

(start sticking)

(start sticking)

(make pretty with the auto wire cover up stuff (3/4 Dia)

(keep making pretty)

(go go go )

(damn that looks nice)

(wow it powered up)

(damn thats pretty)

(cut the carpet where that kewl hole for the wire were
and put that back in)

(wow the helmets still fit in there)

I removed the purse/web holder bracket and put the screws back
in for the speaker pods.. them I had a aluminum plate and placed
it over that part as you can see. USE THAT HEAVY VELCRO from Radio Shack.. then finish it up.. Turn Radio on and WOW.. Make sure you don't do what I did and not Adjust those dials first..(CH#1/2 - CH#3/4 ) the sound was worse *LOL*
(notice in the Pic were I set mine for the Pioneers)
still plenty of room left on the dial.

After I did that.. Its amazing. and with the speakers I have now the Pioneers , that are pretty good. I still cant turn the AMP Watts any farther. so there is plenty of room to spare.
Oh Yes notice that our helmets still fit in the trunk!

(you don't need to use the black isolator on this bike
there is no motor noise, popping or anything)

Any Questions Feel Free to call Phil @ E/C great folks.