Ignition Switch Failure
A big thanks to Eck Nace for the excellent write-up

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For those of you who have not had ignition switch failure I recommend that you check this connector as soon as possible.

This is the connector for the Red Hot wire and the Brown & Blue wire that comes from the ignition switch located under the fuel tank.

Luckily, I just happen to “turn” the connector upside down while installing the ignition switch by pass mod in the case of ignition switch failure.

View of ignition switch connector under fuel tank.
This is the connector for the RED wire and the Brown/Blue wire

View looking down at ignition switch wire connectors under fuel tank.
Note: The two wires that you see with RED TAPE are the two wires used to by pass the ignition switch. One of them is the RED hot wire and the other is the Brown/Blue wire.
Mental note: When splicing into the Red wire and Brown/ Blue wires, it is highly recommended that you make your split connection on the “aft” end of both connectors. This way if you ever DO have to remove the ignition switch, you can still unplug the two connectors with out having to cut the two by-pass wires again.
Also, as shown in this picture, if the connection on the brown/blue wire did happen to burn up and where I lost connection, I would STILL be able to use the ignition by-pass switch I installed to start and run the bike.

After I cut the burnt connector out, I installed this connector in its place.
Please note: Only (2) wires go thru this new rubber sealed connector. The RED hot wire and the Brown / Blue wire which both go to the ignition switch. The black wire may LOOK like it goes through this new connector but it does not.

Photo of removed burnt connector

This photo is to show the location of the ignition by-pass switch installed in the case of ignition switch failure.
I wanted the by-pass switch located in a convenient location, where I do not have to get off the bike if the stock ignition switch fails.